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Matt Mayevsky, a transformation futurist and author, particularly involved in the field of strategic foresight at the micro (enterprise architecture) and macro (reshaping of the market, the transformation of the system) level. The aim of his research is to discover the formulas of shaping the change, as well as the diagnosis of the importance and power of influence of probable events in the scenario analysis. In his works, he also deals with the identification of multi-dimensional effects caused by planned, strategic decisions in the 4P dimension (plausible, probable, preferable, possible).
The author of non-fiction books, including "Cyfrowa przestrzeĊ„ biznesowa" (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN) and "The Clouds Economy" (Chiron Academic Press – Sweden). In addition, as a SF writer, he has published, among others, cyber romance “The Man Who Wanted to Understand Women" and an urban fantasy novel “Animal eFiction".
In 1998-2010 the serial entrepreneur carrying out authorial marketing, publishing and Internet projects. A graduate of Political Science at the Maria Curie-SkĊ‚odowska University and doctoral studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, a former student at the Officers School of Military Engineering and a graduate of the Military High School.
In addition, enthusiast of a powerlifting, bodybuilding  and health diet.