Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies
Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies

For a long time I gather materials about Foresight Methodologies to my planned publication. There are few books that cover this subject extensively. Typically, authors of studies to focus attention on one selected method. Therefore, my expectations regarding to the collective work edited by Maria Giaoutzi, Bartolomeo Sapio were sizable.

"Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies" consists of 18 articles written by different authors. The whole is organized in four parts. From theory to practical applications. To me the most interesting articles are:

  • "Classification of Tools and Approaches Applicable in Foresight Studies" by Jan Erik Karlsen and Hanne Karlsen. Interesting discussion on the nature of foeresight methodologies, with particular emphasis on ontological and epsitemological assumptions.
  • "New Emerging Issues and Future as Wild Cards Shakers and Shapers" by Victor van Rij. Great, vividly written article about the importance of wild cards.
  • "Forms of Reasoning in Pattern Management and in Strategic Intelligence" by Tuomo Kuosa. Tuomo is an expert with a passion and talent, and all the text I read with great interest.
  • "Scenario Planning as a Tool in Foresight Exercises: The LIPSOR Approach" by Anastasia Stratigea and Maria Giaoutzi. A wonderful example of the application of morphological methods developed by Michael Godet.

Each article brings significant value to the foresight methodologies. I miss just one. Articles in the section containing the practical application of foresight methodologies emphasize attention to the development of regions. I'm interested in more use of Foresight Methodologies in business. But this does not detract from the value of "Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies". I highly and sincerely recommend.

Posted on 04 Oct, 2014 - 03:31,

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