The New Corporate Strategy. Book Review
The New Corporate Strategy. Book Review

Classics for advanced. Igor Ansoff as a creator of strategic planning is one of the most prominent theorists of strategy, and The New Corporate Strategy is one of the iron collection of books related to the art of doing business.
Despite dozens of years now since the first edition, the book continues to surprise an in-depth analysis of the behavior of enterprises in a competitive environment. You'll be amazed how many factors of the business environment changes contained in the book is still current. The author based his diagnosis on the development of the United States. Due to the heterogeneity of the development of the business environment, The New Corporate Strategy reflects a greater or lesser extent, the problems associated with the implementation of the objectives of the enterprise. The solutions proposed by the author are debatable. Some ideas did not survive the test of time, especially since the turbulence, discontinuity and uncertainty of the business environment has become a hallmark of the modern world.
However, for every aspiring strategist The New Corporate Strategy is undoubtedly a must read.
Posted on 06 Jun, 2015 - 03:02,

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