The Age of Discontinuity - Review
The Age of Discontinuity - Review

With difficulty I waded through this essay Drucker. Essay, because it is a form of literary-scientific, presenting the point of view of the author. In turn the "difficult" because the arguments of the author is quite long-winded and could be reduced at least by half without affecting the substance of the content. Drucker, under the code name "The Age of Discontinuity" describes the forces of changes that shape the society of tomorrow.
Tomorrow, we live in today, because the author wrote the book in 1968. Interestingly, many of the comments Drucker does not become obsolete, even though the socio-economic background has changed drastically.
I particularly recommend to your attention a chapter on the impact and importance of the institution, on our civilization and strikingly current description of the effects of the explosion of new technologies.
Is it worth still reach for the book, which describes the time before the more than half century? Certainly yes, although the book is not for everyone.
Posted on 03 Jul, 2015 - 08:31,

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