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The old World order defined by hetero-men groaned with influence by emerging post modernity. Changes which started to follow one after another rapidly, since the end of XX century, for the first decades of the XXI century caused increasing fracture of the social structure to reveal new, fast-growing trends above. Another waves of feminism, denying patriarchy becoming grumbler, political correctness which was changing the concept of standards of normality, increase of magnificence and importance of so called minorities (especially sexual) that effected revolution of sexuality, pushing procreation functions into the commercial area and redefining gender, these and similar occurrences formed a new order. The word which is torn by social vibrations, turns to form called Homosexocracy (HS), eventually. Gay-people became majority dominant, while hetero-people live in the ghetto, isolated with high magnetic wall. Homosexocracy is at its peak of civilization development, and homosexual people consider themselves as to be a downstream of human evolution, right after heterosexual men pushed into a corner of the world. However, I don’t mind to treat the ghetto as inexhaustible natural resource. HS imports cheap goods, brings cheap equipment and hetero-kids intended for homonaturalisation. The status quo attained between gay and hetero-men, in spite of superficial appearances, is comfortable for both entities.

After retro-sexual scandal that took place at rolling United Party Femen (UPF), Charlize Harper – homonaturalised, has been elected with a small number of votes to the vacate of Homosexocracy’s President, and earlier elections were announced. President and earlier elections were announced. Within the next few days, the shape and the direction of the HS will be determined, same as the further fate of Heterosexual’s Ghetto. In additions to the UPF, into the electoral race are involved: feminist neomatria led by Mother Imogen, which is supported by the surrogate, and the Ultra – Catholic HS Center, which is looking for their chance on the growing niche of transgender people. Three different parties and three different visions of the further for Homosexocracy clash in electoral competition. At that time, the spokesman of the HS Cabinet, High Excellency Simone – he Cannon goes to Heterosexual’s Ghetto, to negotiate the limit of the children intended for homonaturalisation. There’s a lot of gay-couples who waits to adopt their new homo-citizens. The pope-woman of Hetero’s Church, together with her private secretary, Will-he Kocher, are waiting at the airport when the guest from HS arrives.  The transfer of the heterochildren, which is already delayed, may be one of the key element to determine the winning of the next legislative period by UPF.

In the shadow of the election complain, the employees from the Heterosexual Ghetto carry out the sabotage at the premises of the homonaturalisation. With catastrophic effect sabotage causes an escalation of the conflict between gay-people and the ghetto. Heterophobies moods increase together with the support for competitive neomatria. Now, the head of the security services – McCleary III DE6 gets in. In turn,  under pressure of UPF Board, the president Charlize Harper needs to demonstrate her political effectiveness. The rate and the results of the investigation cause the further fate of the Homosexocracy. The race against time is on, and behind the façade of the elections’ carnival atmosphere human drama takes place.

Numerous threads laced together bind the characters in situations when each choice is dramatic. In this world, dominated by the stigma of sexual orientation, no one is spotless. The deeper we get into this dystopian reality, the harder we see a division that goes beyond straight line between heterophobia and homophobia. The hatred for men (mizoandria), fear of women (gynophobia), feminism, polyamory, …… these are just some occurrences which show numerous cracks running in different directions among gay and hetero communities. At the background, Homosexocracy raises also important social issues, specific for the image of the modern world, which can be described as an interregnum (between the old and the new order). Are we witnessing the evolution of sex, sexuality, repositioning of patriarchy? How the future can look like if today it’s stigmatized with occurrences which destroy old social paradigm?