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Fantasy is a Woman

Fantasy is a Woman

Matt Mayevsky Author:
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Feminism, growing in strength and importance, forecast the twenty-first century as the era of women. Symptoms of this forecast for love nor money, but there is nothing to comfort yourselves, gentlemen.  This is only the beginning of the century and anything can still happen. As a futurist, I present just now some possible scenarios from the world branded by high heels. Let's take it as a history lesson of the future with a pinch of salt.

"Fantasy is a Woman" is a collection of stories about women not only for women. On individual page of text you, Dear Reader, find stories that may surprise or frighten you, make you laugh. And although the woman is not always the main character here, anyway, every time she plays the most important role in the story. Just as in the real life. I invite you for a journey through the seven stories in a long timeline. The journey inspired by the worlds unnecessarily likely, but always possible.

The author of crime novels drowns his frustrations in a not too ambitious work. Lack of success, failed marriage, he reflects all the bitterness of life in the invented scenarios of crime books. Until when suddenly appears the opportunity of change and ... sweet revenge on the hated competitors. However, the trajectory of Vendetta undergoes a significant modification as a result of interference of the loving wife.

After intense months of work, detective Eve Hopkins drives out of London to the sleepy Denver Village. Meanwhile, the desired vacation in a rural setting is disturbed by a series of mysterious disappearances of married men. Initially ,reluctant to engage in the investigation Eve, decides to unravel the mystery herself. 

May the curse may turn out a blessing? Life of David Dowdy is a waking nightmare. From a distance of two meters everyone can read his thoughts. Escape is the isolation and loneliness. In time, he finds himself in the world fenced off by a solid wall,  professionally engaging in remote intervention journalism. Work becomes a prosthesis of the real reality until he meets …

Routine behavior of his wife makes David Hall suspicious about her inhuman nature. Further facts confirm his suspicions. Fear arises, and in consequence, more and more painful feeling of strangeness. The confrontation seems inevitable. Now, David will have to face the truth which ... may surpass him.

Initially, after the declaration of independence, Venice is experiencing a period of prosperity. Autonomy, however, has its hidden prices, like City of Masks has many faces. Kisanet who came to the funeral of her long not seen sister learns one of those faces. Hotelier, a young admirer, or the operator of drones of love? Who was a friend and who was an enemy of beautiful Eden? Seeking answers to the question about the cause of her death, Kisanet discovers more than she wanted …

Irina Kolesnikov is an example of conscientious, dedicated working professional women. At the construction site of Bolshoi theater .destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack, she is to solve the problem of terrible health and safety on the building site. Unfortunately, it a fatal accident happens. Irina wants to hush up the matter, but the construction manager ,Farid Efremow, falls into despair. On the second day, it appears that the deceased comes to life. It's just a beginning of a series of accidents that result in an increasing number of 'undead'. Due to the lack of staff Irina and Farid Efremow decide to engage zombies to work. In the background of these events, Irina is going through a personal crisis in a relationship with Yuri. And when it seems to her that it could not be worse, she hit on a crazy idea …

Promised Land of Space was a place of many curtains, behind which Li Mei discovered the truth about the ex- and current husband. First, De Shao, director of the space elevator number 29, is accused of corruption, and in consequence of a cascade of problems he is deported to the protectorate of Africa. Second, the privileged Cong Lo turns out to be another man, hiding painful truth of memories left behind on Earth. Forced by new circumstances, she must make a decision again and find the correct azimuth of her love. She is about to make a journey through hundreds of thousands of kilometres. A journey in which she wants to regain a part of herself ...